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2022 BC Provincial Rifle Silhouette Championships

  • 30 Jul 2022
  • 2 Aug 2022
  • Hartman Range Smallbore Range & Blackwater 1000M Range


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Base fee:


2022 B.C. Provincial Rifle Silhouette Championships

                    Hosted by the Prince George Rod and Gun Club

                       Smallbore (3x40 shots / rifle): July 30,31                           High Power (2x40 shots / rifle): Aug 1, 2

The 2022 BC Provincial Silhouette Championships will be hosted by the Prince George Rod and Gun Club  at two ranges located west of the city of Prince George, B.C.  Smallbore (SB) will be shot at our Hartman Range located at 9444 Hartman Road. High Power (HP) will be shot at our Blackwater range located approximately 25 km from the Hartman range (26400 Blackwater Road). Both ranges are accessible from Highway 16. Travel directions are indicated later in this document.


All competitors must be members of the BC Target Sports Association or their local equivalent for place of residency (i.e. other Province, Territory or State). B.C. Residents should provide their BCTSA membership number at the time of online registration. B.C. Target Sports memberships can be purchased online at:

Course of Fire

Smallbore competition will consist of three 40-shot matches for each Silhouette (Standard) and Hunter Rifle (120 shot aggregate). High Power will consist of two 40-shot matches for each Silhouette (Standard and Hunter Rifle (80 shot aggregate).

Tournament Director: Mike Rutherford                             

Stats Officer: TBA                            Range Officers: TBA 

Jury: will be chosen and posted prior to the start of the tournament.


Current NRA Metallic Silhouette Rifle rules will apply (unless specified otherwise, below). Unclassified competitors will compete in the highest available class. Classification books must be presented when registering at the range.

Special Squadding Requests 

Requests for special squadding of competitors sharing equipment or coaching will be accommodated where possible on a first come, first served basis provided such requests are made at the time of entry.

Certification of Firearms 

All rifles must be certified prior to their use in the tournament. Rifle certification begins July 29 (approximately 2 PM) at the Hartman Range. Equipment and apparel may be inspected at random by Match Officials during matches.  

Smallbore Schedule 

July 29

Hartman Range open for smallbore practice starting at approximately 12 noon. Competitors will set their own targets and police the range. 

July 30

Standard SB Match#1@ 9:00am; Hunter SB Match#1 to follow.   Lunch break. Then, Standard SB Match#2.  Awards for days matches; Dinner;  B.C. Target Sports Silhouette AGM (and elections) following dinner.

July 31

Hunter SB Match#2 @  9:00am; Standard SB match#3 to follow.  Lunch break.  Then, Hunter SB Match#3.  Awards for smallbore.

High Power Schedule

High power sight-in at Blackwater Range is available late afternoon-evening July 31 and prior to start of matches on Monday and Tuesday (August 1 and 2). Competitors will set their own targets and police the range.

Aug 1

Standard HP Match#1@ 9:00am.  Lunch break. Then, Hunter HP Match#1. Awards for days matches.

Aug 2

Standard HP Match#2@ 9:00am.  Lunch break. Then, Hunter HP Match#2.  Awards for High Power.

BC Target Sport Rifle Silhouette Annual General Meeting and Elections 

The B.C. Target Sport AGM and elections will be held the evening of July 30 following the presentation of the daily SB awards and dinner.

Awards and Prizes

Awards and prizes will follow B.C. Provincial Guidelines. Awards will be as follows:

  • ·         40 Shot Matches – Match winner, first place for all classes
  • ·         Aggregate Awards – 120 shot smallbore up to 3rd place
  • ·         Aggregate Awards – 80 shot high power up to 3rd place
  • ·         Top Junior,  Top Lady, Top Senior awards
  • ·         BC Open Champion – Eligible competitors – from any province, territory or state
  • ·         BC Resident Champion 

The number of aggregate awards within each category will be dictated by the number of shooters that register for each class.

Tie Breaking and Long Runs

Five-shot shoot offs will be used to break ties for BC Champion and Open Champion. All other shoot offs will be one-shot “sudden death” style. Long runs will be conducted at the end of each daily match after the shoot-offs.

Pin awards 

Smallbore: 10 in a row pins will be awarded to all classes, 5 in a row pins to "AA", "A" and "B" classes     High Power: 5 and 10 in a row pins will be awarded to all classes. 


All rules for safety will be strictly enforced. Failure to conform will be a basis for disqualification. 

 1. Rifle actions will be open at all times except on the firing line after the "ready" command is given. At the command "cease fire" all firearm actions will be opened IMMEDIATELY. Open chamber indicators that insert directly into the chamber are mandatory.    2. "Dry Firing" or aiming firearms behind the firing line is prohibited. Firing line commands must be observed by users of the designated dry firing area.   3. When not on the firing line firearms will be placed on racks, in cases or other safe places.   4. A shot fired before the "Ready" command will result in disqualification for the day's match.   5. The Match Director or Range Officer has the authority to ban any competitor, firearm or ammunition at any time for reasons of safety.   6. Consumption of any alcoholic beverage, narcotic or controlled substance which can impair the normal mental or physical functions of the body, on the range or in the spectator or public areas immediately adjacent to the range while the range is in use is prohibited. Disorderly conduct or intoxication is not permitted on the range or any contiguous range property. Violators of this regulation will be subject to immediate disqualification from these Championships with no return of entry fees. 

Entry Fees (Please register online by July 5, 2022)                                                                Please note: Online registration closes on July 14th, 2022.

All fees are in Canadian Dollars and include GST: 

     Smallbore Silhouette Rifle: $65.00                       Smallbore Hunting Rifle: $65.00 

     High Power Silhouette Rifle: $65.00                    High Power Hunting Rifle: $65.00 

     All Four Rifles: $240.00                                           Juniors, any Rifle event:  $35.00 

A junior is defined as someone who has not reached their 21st birthday prior to December 31, 2022. A person may compete as a Senior if they are 60 years or older. 

There will be one competitor meal ticket included with entry fees. There will only be one meal at the tournament; it will be held on the evening of July 30.  Extra meal tickets are available at $30 per meal ticket.

Online advance registration is required to aid in planning and ordering of awards. If you are unable to attend after registering, please notify Mike Rutherford no later than July 17th, 2022.


Camping/RV Parking is possible at the Hartman Range (minimum services) and Blackwater Range (no services).  Contact Merl Sinoski (250-640-6744) for further information.

The Bon Voyage Inn (4222 16 HWY West; 250-964-2333) is offering a special rate for “PG Rod and Gun Silhouette Championship Attendees”. A new Best Western Plus (3387 16 HWY West; 250-964-8833) is offering a special rate for “BC Rifle Silhouette Championship Attendees”.  West Lake Campground (19649 Blackwater Road; 250-301-0313) is offering discounted full hook up rates for “PG Rod and Gun Club” Championship Attendees”; first come first serve. Other motels/hotels are indicated on the following website:


This event will adhere to BC Health Orders applicable at the time of the event:

Other Information

   A cash lunch concession may be available, depending on the # of registrants. Contact Mike or Merl prior to the event for further information. Shooters will need to pack their own lunches if there is no concession. More information about the PGRGC can be found at:


   For further information contact:

   Mike Rutherford (250-562-3958 or 

   Merl Sinoski (250-640-6744 or

Directions to Prince George Hartman Range (9444 Hartman Road, V2N 6L6) and Blackwater Range (26400 Blackwater Road, V2N 6S3)

Hartman Range from Intersection of HWY 97 and HWY 16

Drive south 12.5 km on HWY 16 West. You will leave the western city limit of Prince George. Turn right onto Hartman Road; travel 2.2 km north until you see the Hartman Range on the right.,-122.7681682/9444+Hartman+Rd,+Prince+George,+BC+V2N+6L6/@53.8588688,-122.894554,12z/am=t/data=!3m1!4b1!4m9!4m8!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x53889c9f91260535:0x2a235d9c9f824b9!2m2!1d-122.8808738!2d53.8404853!3e0?hl=en

Blackwater Range from Intersection of HWY 97 and HWY 16

Drive south 9.2 km on HWY 16 West. Turn left (east) onto Blackwater Road. Travel 25.1 km down the Blackwater Road. The gate will be on the right (west) side.,-122.7681682/53.6384676,-122.9418386/@53.7676004,-122.9946349,11z/am=t/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!4m1!3e0?hl=en

Blackwater Range from Hartman Range via Beaverley E Road

Travel 2.2 km south on Hartman Road from the Hartman Range until you get to HWY 16. Cross the highway (you will now be on Beaverley E road). Follow this road for 3.5 km; it will round to the left (west) and intersect with the Blackwater Road. Turn right onto Blackwater Road. Follow the Blackwater Road for 19.5 km. The Blackwater Range will be on the right (west) side.,+Prince+George,+BC/53.6384676,-122.9418386/@53.7393672,-123.0403635,11z/am=t/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m10!1m1!1s0x53889c9f91260535:0x2a235d9c9f824b9!2m2!1d-122.8808738!2d53.8404853!3m4!1m2!1d-122.8815561!2d53.8129711!3s0x53889cc9834a24cd:0x155d484351115197!1m0!3e0?hl=en

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